The Transformative Power of AI Scribing in Healthcare

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OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. Announces™

The Most Clinically Accurate, Advanced AI Scribing Solution in Healthcare™ is the newest addition to IRIS Virtual Clinical Assistant™, OnPoint’s advanced clinical documentation technology.™ has now integrated ChatGPT into its proprietary clinical workflow within the Microsoft Azure platform, thereby delivering upon its promise of “Returning the Joy of Medicine” to more practicing clinicians.


OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. Announces

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Clinical Solutions

Fragmented, highly administrative tasks are preventing physicians and other clinical staff from focusing completely on patient care. We’ve developed transformative workflows to eliminate those administrative tasks.


Financial Solutions

COVID is the latest in a long line of financial stressors on the healthcare system. We’ll help you drive higher performance and greater accountability with our best-in-class financial and analytical tools.


Operational Solutions

Ineffective processes cost time and money—and contribute to provider burnout. Our solutions work together to ensure that care delivery processes are effective and efficient.

Put The Patient Back In Patient Care with IRIS Scribing

IRIS™—our groundbreaking virtual clinical assistant—makes it possible.

Put The Patient Back In Patient Care

IRIS™—our groundbreaking virtual clinical assistant—makes it possible.

We’re Healthcare Veterans

We know the financial pressures. The frustrations. The time-stealing inefficiencies. That’s why we started OnPoint. And that’s why we can change it all.

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