Optimize Revenue with efficient A/R and Denial Management Services

Trust OnPoint Healthcare Partners to apply analytics and process rigor to efficiently follow-up and appeal each denied claims. We ensure that you get every dollar of revenue owed to you.

OnPoint’s Back-Office Revenue Cycle Services

Our Back-Office revenue cycle services focus on efficiently collecting payments and maximizing reimbursements. Our services include:

  1. Payment posting: Recording payments received from insurance companies and patients and reconciling them with the amounts billed.
  2. Accounts receivable follow-up: Monitoring and collecting outstanding payments from insurance companies and patients. This includes tasks such as generating statements, sending reminders, and making collections calls.
  3. Denial management: Addressing denied insurance claims and appealing them to insurance companies to secure payment for services rendered.
  4. Credit balances i.e. overpaid accounts with patient or insurance balances are processed efficiently. We perform the following processes to efficiently resolve credit balances
    1. Credit balance identification: Identifying patients with a credit balance and determining the cause of the credit balance.
    2. Refund processing: Processing refunds to patients with a credit balance, either through check, direct deposit, or credit card.
    3. Refund tracking: Maintaining a record of all refunds processed and ensuring that they are reconciled with the patient’s account.
  5. Contract management: Negotiating and managing contracts with insurance companies to ensure that payment terms are favorable to the hospital.
  6. Reporting and analytics: Generating reports and analyzing data to track revenue and identify areas for improvement. This includes metrics such as collections, denied claims, and days in accounts receivable.
  7. Compliance: Ensuring that all revenue cycle processes are in compliance with industry regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and that the hospital is in compliance with insurance contracts.

We apply technology and analytics to track each claim, run aging reports, and focus on optimizing collections.

Gain from OnPoint Healthcare Partners’ global delivery model, trained resources, technical and process expertise to optimize your back-office processes.
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