Bypass the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

Bypass the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

7 resources to help health systems do more (and better) with less.
By C. Edward Brown & Rodney Haynes, OnPoint Healthcare Partners

It’s a perfect storm, as they say, in healthcare. A historically tight labor market, skyrocketing rates of COVID-19 infections, and already-overworked providers and staff.

The fallout is far-reaching. Patients can’t get in for care as quickly as they’d like. In-office waits are longer. Physicians and clinical documentation staff cannot complete the charts on time. Referrals and prior authorizations are taking weeks to obtain—or aren’t completed at all.

Billing and collections are going in the tank, causing accounts receivables to rise. And, of course, providers and staff are bearing the brunt of it all.

In fact, according to an April 2021 survey of frontline healthcare workers from the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post, three in 10 healthcare workers have considered leaving the profession entirely. Six in 10 say they’re burned out.

Health systems, hospitals, and independent clinics are throwing everything they have at hiring new people – including bonuses and other perks. But budgets can only stretch so far. And even with added incentives, many health systems still can’t find enough workers.

What if staffing isn't the solution?

If you can’t overcome an obstacle, you sometimes have to go around it. Instead of trying to meet the growing demand for care with increasingly expensive and largely unavailable staffing, consider outside resources that let you do more with less.

That’s exactly what OnPoint Healthcare Partners provides. Our best-in-class solutions can help you:

  • Provide a better patient experience
  • Alleviate the burden on providers and staff
  • Boost your bottom line

Options From OnPoint

Our outsourced solutions are offered à la carte. Choose the options that work best for your needs.

  1. Clinical documentation. How much time do healthcare providers spend entering data into EHR rather than patient care? And how much of their time – at work and home – is spent documenting patient encounters?

Using an industry-leading combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and clinical expertise, IRIS™ eliminates these data translation duties and many other administrative burdens. So reviewing a day’s worth of charts – which used to take hours – can now be done in minutes.

  1. Document indexing and abstraction. Each day, your offices are flooded with paper. Managing that paper is a never-ending task that wastes valuable resources. Through customized clinical guidelines, OnPoint’s clinical staff diligently catalogs each piece of clinical information to the correct EMR chart location and abstracts critical clinical information to the correct discreet field.
  2. Referral management. Every organization needs to control leakage, lower costs, and improve the quality of care. Our referral management solution is tech-enabled to help you achieve those goals by creating an organizationally approved algorithm that honors physician preference, patient preference, and system alignment while adding enhanced reporting and practice insight.
  3. Prior authorizations. Having highly trained staff manage the prior authorization process is a very inefficient use of their time—and can prevent your patients from getting the care they need when they need it. Our automated workflow, which uses a tech-enabled services model, makes the prior authorization process faster, easier, and much more effective.
  4. Revenue cycle management. This complex but critical process can significantly impact your organization’s financial strength. Our dedicated team of industry experts, backed by process automation and finely tuned reporting, helps to optimize net revenue and lower operating costs—allowing your team to focus on other value-added duties.

We have proven expertise in inpatient and outpatient revenue cycle management. Typically, organizations see a 20-30% drop in cost and a 2-3% increase in collections.

  1. Prescription refills. One of the many time-consuming burdens OnPoint can take off your clinical team’s shoulders is prescription refill requests. All incoming prescription refill requests are entered as a task in the EMR or interfaced into the fax press. We take it from there by managing the request according to the approved provider clinical guidelines.
  2. Clinical data validation. Following an electronic data transfer that occurs when switching EMR systems, the arduous task of ensuring that the data was captured accurately in the new system often falls to the clinical team. The added workload dramatically reduces their productivity and significantly undermines their level of engagement. OnPoint can take care of that process (very economically) and help ensure high levels of physician/staff engagement—when you need it most.

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