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Healthcare’s Silent Epidemic: OnPoint Healthcare Partners’ AI Scribing Solutions Addresses Physician Suicide Rates

OnPoint Healthcare Partners’ AI Scribing Solutions Addresses Physician Suicide Rates

The medical community confronts a quiet yet deeply troubling epidemic: the high rate of physician suicides.

As highlighted in a Medscape article [1] from July 2022 by Louise B. Andrew MD, “It has been known for almost 150 years that physicians have an increased propensity to die by suicide compared with the general population.” Exact numbers are elusive due to “inaccurate cause of death reporting and coding.” However, a commonly cited estimate is around “300–400 physicians per year,” which roughly equates to the loss of one doctor daily to suicide in the United States.

According to Statista [2], in May 2023 the United States had 1,077,115 active physicians on record, with California having the highest active population at 117,674.

This crisis, amplified by challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, demands meaningful and strategic interventions. OnPoint Healthcare Partner’s leadership has risen to this challenge, unveiling their advanced AI-driven scribing solution during this critical time.

Key Benefits of OnPoint's AI Scribing Solution in Addressing Physician Suicides

Reduced administrative burden and increased personal time, enhancing doctor well-being are just two of the many benefits of OnPoint’s AI Scribing Solution, IRIS. These significant benefits elevate patient care quality and decrease susceptibility to suicidal thoughts or actions.

Reduction in Administrative Burdens

One of the chief sources of emotional and mental stress for physicians is the immense administrative workload.

By drastically reducing the overwhelming paperwork and documentation responsibilities, OnPoint’s innovative solution grants physicians the freedom to concentrate on their main roles as caregivers instead of worrying about bureaucratic paperwork. That means 3-4 hours of reduced typing and data entry per day, and in most cases a major reduction in evening and weekend administrative work that disrupts work-life balance.

In a 2018 article [3] titled “The Overlooked Benefits of Medical Scribes” published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, the benefits of scribing, also referred to as “team documentation,” are quantified by emerging research. According to an AMA STEPS Forward™ module on team documentation, “scribing frees physicians [from the burdens of] note documentation and entering orders or referrals,” allowing doctors to focus more on their patients.

Time Restored for Personal Well-being

Reducing administrative duties provides physicians with the invaluable gift of time.

This newly found time can be redirected towards staying punctual in their patient schedules during the day and engaging in essential self-care activities, which are both crucial in warding off emotional burnout and, by association, diminishing the factors that lead to suicidal ideation.

A sobering statistic [4] from a 2021 Medscape survey reveals that 24% of the 13,000 physicians surveyed reported feeling clinically depressed. This statistic underscores the urgent need for interventions like employing OnPoint’s AI scribe solution.

“OnPoint’s AI scribing solution is a beacon of hope for our medical professionals,” remarks President and CEO Jim Boswell of OnPoint Healthcare Partners.

“It provides a lifeline, underscoring the significance of physician well-being, human connection, and self-care in countering the devastating wave of physician suicides. It’s compatible with any EHR system, is bilingual (English/Spanish), boasts 98% accuracy rate in note content and context, and aims to make it accessible to all physicians globally. Our aspiration is to help end this silent epidemic,” explains Boswell.

OnPoint Healthcare Partners’ IRIS Virtual Clinical Assistant™ medical scribe offers a significant AI-driven contribution to decrease the alarming rate of physician suicide. 

How Doctors Feel About Using a Medical Scribe

In another recent scribe article this month by Medscape [5], Andrea Partida, DO, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Enid, Oklahoma, mentions her use of OnPoint’s IRIS solution: “I have a better work-life balance with my family. I leave work at the office and get home earlier.”

Let’s Talk: Try a Friendly and Free Scribe Demo from OnPoint Healthcare Partners

Physicians worldwide are encouraged to explore how OnPoint’s AI scribing tool will revolutionize their practice, reducing the burden of clinical documentation and daily data entry, and helping physicians to experience the joy of medicine again. If you are a physician or APP and are interested in a complimentary IRIS medical scribe demonstration, details are provided below.

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OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. began operations in January 2020 and pursues its goal of easing the industry’s growing administrative workload that has been placed on healthcare professionals and organizations by applying more than 100 years of healthcare executive leadership and experience to the market. The global healthcare technology company is dedicated to improving provider efficiency and revenue through comprehensive and innovative technology and AI solutions.


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