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IRIS Virtual Clinical Assistant™

How DoesIRIS™ Medical Scribe Work?

IRIS™ listens silently as the provider meets with the patient—eliminating the need for distracting data entry during the visit. IRIS™ creates the chart note and updates relevant data in the EHR.

During the visit, clinical comments and observations are converted from voice to text through artificial intelligence (AI). The note is automatically pushed into a provider template, a problem list is created and tasks are established for the patient’s treatment. All data is then reviewed by our highly trained specialists and clinicians to ensure patient accuracy for doctor approval.

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AI Scribing Reduces Doctor Burnout

How much of physicians’ time with patients is spent entering data into an EHR? And how much of their time—at work and at home—is spent completing patient notes? This video explains how AI scribing can change your life with accuracy and efficiency. 

By automating these processes, it enhances efficiency, reduces burnout, and improves patient care. Its integration capabilities and emphasis on data security make it a valuable tool for modern healthcare management.

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The process of reviewing a day’s worth of charts—which used to take hours—can now be done in minutes. This leaves more time for: 

  • Better Quality of Life for Physicians and the Medical Office Staff
  • Additional Appointments and ROI
  • Attention & Focus to Each Patient
  • A Culture that Thrives
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