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OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. Announces

OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. Announces™

OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. Announces™

The Most Clinically Accurate, Advanced AI Scribing Solution in Healthcare™ is the newest addition to IRISi™ Virtual Clinical Assistant™, OnPoint’s advanced clinical documentation technology.™ has now integrated ChatGPT into its proprietary clinical workflow within the Microsoft Azure platform, thereby delivering upon its promise of “Returning the Joy of Medicine" to more practicing clinicians.

Dallas, Texas April 14th, 2023. OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc. today announced its fully automated AI (Artificial Intelligence) version of IRIS Virtual Clinical Assistant™, called™, the most clinically accurate, ambient listening technology in healthcare.

A key feature of™ is the provider can have a natural conversation with their patient, without the need for typing into the electronic health record (EHR), while also maintaining patient eye contact, and the AI will filter out the non-essential pieces of the conversation, keeping only the medically relevant information.

Paul Gilbert, MD, an emergency physician, had this to say about his experience with IRIS™. “As a physician, my top priority is to provide the best possible care for my patients. Before using IRIS™, I spent an excessive amount of time on clinical notes, taking away valuable time from my patients. However, since adopting it into our practice, I have been able to spend more time at the bedside, and not only have my patients gotten better care, but I have also rediscovered my passion for medicine. IRIS™ has truly been a game-changer for me.”

Enhanced functionality and proprietary continuous learning loop technology within™ software captures the detailed patient visit within the context of the patient’s overall medical history, resulting in the highest clinical accuracy rate in the industry.

“The provider can literally walk out of the exam room and within minutes have a summarized visit note sent directly to their EHR, ready for review and minor editing.” states Jim Boswell, President and CEO of OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc.

The amount of time that physicians and other healthcare professionals spend on EHR tasks is a growing concern. The use of EHRs has significantly improved the accuracy and accessibility of patient records, but it has also led to increased documentation requirements and administrative tasks.

According to Forbes1, a recent survey of nearly 155,000 physicians revealed that they spend over 16 minutes using the EHR for each patient visit, which is one minute longer than the average length of an entire typical patient encounter.

“That means in an average 8-hour workday, over half of a provider’s day isn’t even spent seeing patients, also, the provider will likely have to spend hours of personal time “catching up” on clinical documentation, leading to significant provider burnout. Either way, it’s a lose-lose scenario.” says Rodney Haynes, EVP and COO of OnPoint Healthcare Partners, Inc.

IRIS Virtual Clinical Assistant™, which includes OnPoint’s existing™ solution, has successfully produced over 500,000 clinical notes, while boasting the healthcare industry’s highest clinical accuracy rate at 98%. The result is that a provider will finish reviewing and approving an IRIS™ note in less than 2 minutes, on average.™ can be seamlessly integrated within any electronic medical records system. It also offers provider-specific templates for customization, and an advanced encryption process, available for both Android and Apple IOS mobile devices.

“At OnPoint, we understand that some providers want a more plug-n-play approach, which is our new™ solution.” states Boswell. “While others prefer a more robust solution with additional customization support, as available within™. We are excited to offer™ and fulfill our mission of helping support ALL providers focus less on administrative burden and more on quality time with their patients, and their family.™ is now available

To schedule a free demo and be notified about the launch, please visit Iris Virtual Clinical Assistant™.

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