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OnPoint Healthcare’s IRIS Platform: Solving Physician Burnout with a Clinically Intelligent Approach

The global healthcare technology market is expected to grow 9.5% in 2024, reaching $265.2 billion in constant currency [Gartner]. However, amid this rapid adoption, healthcare professionals still face challenges that threaten productivity and patient care. This includes administrative burdens, physician burnout, and low productivity. In the U.S. alone, medical errors account for over 250,000 deaths annually, highlighting a significant issue that more efficient systems could mitigate [Johns Hopkins].

OnPoint Healthcare’s IRIS platform promises to bring transformative changes to the healthcare industry, which is already seeing a surge in technological advancements. Founded just before the pandemic, OnPoint Healthcare quickly identified the industry’s pain points and offered a comprehensive solution through its IRIS platform. Led by CEO Jim Boswell, the executive team brings decades of healthcare management experience to the table. According to Boswell, “Our expertise in healthcare operations allows us to design technology that intelligently integrates into daily workflows, reducing inefficiencies and delivering substantial impact.”

One of the biggest issues facing physicians is the time spent on EHR-related tasks. This administrative burden contributes significantly to physician burnout, which impacts up to 63% of physicians, according to the Mayo Clinic. The IRIS platform’s key differentiator is its ability to automate clinical documentation as well as integrate other clinical processes important to patient care, thus allowing doctors to spend only a minute reviewing notes rather than drafting them from scratch.

Launching during the pandemic, OnPoint faced several barriers to market entry. The industry was hyper-focused on securing treatment and reinforcing system security during the crisis. However, the company overcame these challenges by emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions to address operational inefficiencies that were exacerbated by the widespread adoption of EHRs.

Investors and healthcare leaders are often drawn to single-focus SaaS solutions that address specific challenges. However, Jim Boswell notes that “singularly focused SaaS solutions can’t solve the entirety of the problems causing burnout, low productivity, and the Great Resignation in healthcare.” Instead, a holistic approach is required, and the IRIS platform takes this comprehensive approach, handling all aspects of clinical documentation, referrals, coding, and more. A study by Accenture indicates that 90% of healthcare executives believe that a comprehensive IT system is essential.

Healthcare organizations must also balance the cost-effectiveness of new technology with the impact it can deliver. While technology can increase efficiency, poor design can exacerbate administrative burdens. The IRIS platform is built to reduce these burdens and seamlessly integrates into existing workflows to minimize disruption.

This emphasis on intelligent design ensures that healthcare providers focus on what matters most: patient care. Medscape’s report reveals that 58% of physicians believe administrative burdens significantly affect patient care. By eliminating redundant tasks and freeing up clinical documentation time, the IRIS platform enhances physician productivity and engagement.

The IRIS platform is not just a technological innovation; it’s a strategic framework designed to enhance productivity while safeguarding quality care. OnPoint Healthcare’s vision isn’t merely to reduce administrative burdens but to transform the way healthcare systems operate. The platform’s design is rooted in clinical workflows, which provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility they need to tailor the technology to their unique processes. This adaptability empowers physicians to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

One of the standout features of the IRIS platform is its ambient clinical documentation. Rather than requiring physicians to act as typists or editors, the platform employs a blend of artificial and clinical intelligence to produce accurate, comprehensive clinical notes. By using this combination of advanced technology and human oversight, OnPoint Healthcare ensures high levels of accuracy while maintaining compliance and reducing physician workload. The impact to the physician is that they regain over three hours of productive time which significantly improves efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.

Compliance and data security are critical considerations in healthcare technology. OnPoint understands this reality and has built its infrastructure to handle sensitive patient data with utmost care. The platform resides in the cloud and leverages serverless architecture, eliminating the need to retain personal health information unnecessarily. This allows OnPoint to offer clients a secure, high-trust system that complies with the stringent regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations.

“We are delivering on the promise of AI without the risk to patient safety,” says Jim Boswell. “Our clinical documentation and efficiency solutions eliminate waste while ensuring that physicians can engage with their patients without distraction.”

The IRIS platform distinguishes itself from competitors by providing comprehensive support across various aspects of clinical documentation. From automating prior authorizations to coding and referrals, the platform acts as an indispensable tool, streamlining processes that often create bottlenecks in medical practices. By integrating seamlessly into existing systems and workflows, it enhances productivity without the steep learning curve associated with many new technologies.

OnPoint Healthcare’s ambitious expansion strategy revolves around building strong partnerships and increasing market penetration. The company’s success hinges on its ability to show how the IRIS platform improves clinical workflows, reduces burnout, and leads to better patient outcomes. By demonstrating these results through pilot studies and real-world outcomes, OnPoint has garnered trust and loyalty from healthcare systems seeking comprehensive solutions.

Ultimately, OnPoint Healthcare’s vision for the future is rooted in its commitment to leveraging innovative technology to deliver tangible results. The IRIS platform is already helping healthcare organizations achieve greater efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure that physicians can focus on what they do best: providing high-quality care. By aligning its sales and marketing strategies with its operational goals, OnPoint is well-positioned to lead the charge in healthcare technology innovation, disrupting inefficiencies and empowering healthcare providers across the globe.

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