Prior Authorizations


More Approvals. Fewer Delays.

Your prior authorization process is probably very manual (most are). So it’s no surprise that prior authorizations can take days to get approved.

Having highly trained individuals manage this bureaucracy is a very inefficient use of their time. What’s even worse, unnecessary denials are likely preventing your patients from getting the care they need, when they need it.

A Smarter (And More Efficient) Approach

OnPoint makes the prior authorization process faster, easier and much more effective. In fact, it’s proven to deliver an 87% reduction in authorization processing time compared to a manual process.¹

Our solution uses an automated workflow for a streamlined approach that significantly boosts accuracy and saves time. It gives your organization one place to submit, track and manage authorizations.

The OnPoint solution uses bi-directional EHR integration, so your data is always up-to-date. And with real-time reporting and analytics, your team can quickly and easily check the status of one or all of your authorizations.

Focus On What Matters

Let your providers and staff spend their time on patient care. Shift the administrative burden of prior authorizations to OnPoint, and help your patients get the care they need. Contact us to learn more.

¹ SoCal AMC pilot time motion study

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