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Referral Management.
Manage your referrals within and outside your system.

Medical groups and health systems need to control leakage, cost and quality. Our referral management solution is a tech-enabled way to achieve those goals by creating an organizationally approved algorithm that honors physician preference, patient preference and system alignment. Contact us to learn more.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

The referral management solution can also help healthcare providers increase efficiency and cost savings. By streamlining the referral process, the solution reduces the time and resources required to manage referrals, freeing up healthcare providers to focus on other aspects of patient care. Additionally, the solution helps healthcare providers avoid unnecessary referrals, reducing costs associated with unnecessary tests and procedures.

Customized Algorithm that Honors Physician Preference, Patient Preference and System Alignment

Our referral management solution is unique in its ability to create an organizationally approved algorithm that honors physician preference, patient preference, and system alignment. This customized algorithm ensures that healthcare providers are referring patients to the most appropriate specialists or providers based on their unique needs, while also aligning with the organization’s goals and objectives. By honoring physician and patient preferences, the solution helps build trust and collaboration among healthcare providers, patients, and the organization.

A Smarter (And More Efficient) Approach

OnPoint makes the prior authorization process faster, easier and much more effective. In fact, it’s proven to deliver an 87% reduction in authorization processing time compared to a manual process.¹ 

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